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Salma Awan is one of the renowned & celebrated Pakistani prose writers. In her literary career spanning over four decades, she has published seven novels, five short story books, and eleven travelogues. Lately, she also has dabbled into column writing, her articles are published in Urdu newspapers covering various socio-economic issues.
Ms. Awan’s romance with literature started at an early age. She was a very keen reader often borrowing books from “Aana Libraries”. In addition to reading, she was also very fond of narrating stories. This fondness eventually grew into a full-fledged writing passion.
Ms. Awan completed her Masters from Dhakka University in 1970. During this period, she was the first-hand witness of the events which caused widespread unrest in former East Pakistan eventually leading to its separation. One of her most acclaimed novels “Tanha” is written in this backdrop.
These days Ms. Awan is working on two projects; one is a travelogue about Syria (she was fortunate enough to visit the place before the outbreak of war), second is a short stories collection covering her stays around the world.
In addition to her literary career, Ms. Awan has been successfully pursuing another passion of hers: Education. She is running an SSC School imparting education to young Pakistanis for the last twenty years.


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